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"Insanity is the inability to communicate your ideas. It's as if you were in a foreign country, able to see and understand everything that's going on around you but incapable of explaining what you need to know or of being helped, because you don't understand the language they speak there."
Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die

Please find below a list of scientific talks I have given during the years, with the slides used.

  • "Sharing the cost of multicast transmission in wireless networks" in the 2nd CRESCCO Workshop. Athens (Greece). December 6-8, 2003. (ppt)
  • "Sharing the cost of multicast transmission in wireless networks" in SIROCCO 2004. Smonelice Castle (Slovak Republic). June 21-23, 2004. (ppt)
  • "An introduction to Congestion and Crowding games" in GI-Seminar "Game theoretic analyses of the Internet". Dagstuhl Schoss (Germany). September 1, 2004. (ppt) (pdf)
  • "More Powerful and Simpler Cost-Sharing Methods" in ALGO 2004. Bergen (Norway). September 15, 2004. (ppt)
  • "Energy-efficient broadcasting in ad-hoc networks: combining MSTs with shortest-path trees" in PE-WASUN 2004. Venice. October 7, 2004. (ppt)
  • "Improvements for Truthful Mechanisms with Verifiable One-Parameter Selfish Agents" in ALGO 2005. Palma de Mallorca (Spain). October 7, 2005. (ppt)
  • "The Algorithmic Structure of Group Strategyproof Budget-Balanced Cost-Sharing Mechanisms" in STACS 2006. Marseille (France). February 24, 2006. (ppt)
    Same talk has been given as welcome talk in Distributed Computing Group (DCG) in ETH, Zurich. March 7, 2006.
  • "New Results on PA/CCA Encryption" in ECRYPT Autumn International School on Zero Knowledge: Foundations and Applications. Bertinoro (Italy). November 1, 2006. (Disclaimer: this is an informal talk for an, at the time, ongoing research.)(ppt)
  • "Algorithms for Selfish Agents" (abstract) at Computer Science Division of Physics Department of Università "Federico II", Napoli. Invited and hosted by Clemente Galdi. November 27, 2006. (ppt)
  • "Mechanisms with Verification for Any Finite Domain" in WINE 2006. Patras (Greece). December 15, 2006. (ppt)
  • "Algorithms for Incentive-Based Computing." PhD Defense Talk. Salerno. April 11, 2007. (ppt)
  • "(Optimal) Collusion-Resistant Mechanisms with Verification" in DYNAMO 2007. Salerno. May 7, 2007. (ppt)
  • "Mechanisms with Verification" in CTAG Seminars. Liverpool. January 31, 2008. (ppt)
  • "Alternatives to Truthfulness are Hard to Recognize" in SAGT 2008. Paderborn (Germany). May 1, 2008. (ppt)
    Same talk has been given in COMSOC-2008. Liverpool. September 5, 2008.
  • "Collusion-Resistant Mechanisms with Verification Yielding Optimal Solutions" in ESA 2008. Karlsruhe (Germany). September 17, 2008. (pptx)
    An extended talk has been given in CTAG Seminars. Liverpool. October 16, 2008. (pptx)
  • "Optimal Collusion-Resistant Mechanisms with Verification" in ACM EC 2009. Stanford. July 9, 2009. (pptx)
  • "Utilitarian Mechanism Design for Multi-Objective Optimization" in SODA10. Austin (Texas). January 18, 2010. (pptx)
    Extended talks have been given at LIAFA and LIP6 labs in March 2011.
  • "Ranking Games that have Competitiveness-based Strategies" in EC'10. Cambridge (MA). June 11, 2010. (ppt)
    Extended talks have been given at BCTCS 2010 and SCEG'10. (pptx)
  • "On the approximation performance of Fictitious play in finite games" in ESA 2011. Saarbrucken (Germany). September 5, 2011. (pptx)
  • "Mechanisms with verification" in Summer School on Algorithmic Game Theory. Samos Island (Greece). July 19, 2012. (ppsx)
  • "Using Lotteries to Approximate the Optimal Revenue" at ISMP 2012. Berlin (Germany). August 23, 2012. (See below for the slides.)
  • "Decentralized Dynamics for Finite Opinion Games" at SAGT 2012. Barcelona (Spain). October 22, 2012. (pptx)
  • "Using Lotteries to Approximate the Optimal Revenue" at AAMAS 2013. St Paul (MN, USA). May 9, 2013. (pptx)
    Extended talk given at COCA Final workshop. Paris. June 7, 2013. (pptx).
  • "Mechanisms for Multi-Unit Combinatorial Auctions with a Few Distinct Good" invited talk for spotlight track at AAAI13 for AAMAS Best Paper. Bellevue (WA, USA). July 17, 2013. (pptx)
  • "Combinatorial Auctions without Money" at AAMAS 2014. Paris. May 9, 2014. (pptx)
    Extended talk given also at IFORS 2014. Barcelona. July 17, 2014.