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Welcome on the web-site of the Formal Methods and Programming Research Group within the School of Computing at the University of Teesside, UK.

The group consists currently of 3 full-time academic staff members as well as associated PhD students and Post Docs. Although Teesside has been active for many years in contributing to research in the area of formal methods in software development, the TFMPRG has only recently been formally established to give the formal method research community at Teesside a "face", provide means to present work and ideas, make available publications and technical reports, make available software and tools which came out of our own developments and are offered for free use, and encourage interaction and collaboration with other researchers, or industrial partners taking an interest in our work. Our research activities span a wide range of subjects from theoretical aspects, such as theory and semantic issues, to practical endeavours in particular producing software to explore alternative programming paradigms, or providing a component library for supporting tools development for formal methods such as the B Method.

As you might notice our web-site is still under construction but new content is constantly added. The following list gives an indication what already is present and can be ready accessed:

  • The Research Activities section lists some of our research interests and gives access to lists of publications relating to each area mentioned. More will be added in the future.

  • The Publications section lists all our publications including in some cases file and http links for download.

  • The Software section presents our downloadable software tools, as well as open projects under development.

  • The People section contains individual spaces for each member of our research group. These spaces will in the future contain some personal information about the group members such as cv, research interest, projects, etc.

  • The Contacts section provides contact details of the core members of the TFMPRG in case you'd like to get in contact with us.
If you have difficulties accessing this website please email d.cumbor {at}