Loading the matcher package

The matcher is wrapped as a Lisp package defined in two files. The files called matcher.lsp and matcher(low-case).lsp define the package and loads the second file (the name depends on the version number). For ANSI versions of Lisp the matcher package can be loaded by loading the file matcher.lsp but see the following notes. For Franz Allegro Common Lisp operating in case sensitive lower case mode the matcher is loaded by loading  matcher(low-case).lsp but see the following notes.

After loading the matcher files you need to issue a call to use-package...

(use-package "matcher")
or with the case sensitive version...
(use-package 'matcher)


1. The matcher.lsp file contains a load instruction for the second file which may need editing. When you recieve the matcher the load instruction will be something like...

(load "C:\\Lisp\\Matcher\\m1.3.lsp")
If you choose to locate the matcher under a different directory path you will need to edit this load instruction.

2. The matcher.lsp file is set up (by default) to work with Franz Common Lisp. If you are using Lisp from some other vendor you will probably need to remove the statement

(:import-from "COMMON-GRAPHICS-USER" "==")
If you experience other problems please see the section on bug reporting.