Boris is a platform for multiagent systems (MAS) development & deployment. It was developed as part of a research project which examined design methods for MAS as well as support for their deployment and maintenance. Boris is designed to provide full support for agents while requiring a minimal learning curve for new agent developers.

This page contains resources for version 2 of the platform which supports agents written in different languages but currently only the Java side is available for download. Please contact us for other language support.

Please also check the Multiagent Systems (MAS) Lecture series for additional notes and learning materials.


Support for Java agents is provided in the form of an agent API contained in boris.jar - to use the boris.jar include it in the classpath when compiling and runnning java files.

To open the IDE and start a router double-click Boris.jar.

For more information about using the IDE see the tutorial below.

Previous supported releases 061129

Video clips for the Boris IDE