Lkit is a toolkit for producing language processors. It allows users to specify rules for syntactic and semantic analysis. It has been used as part of research projects and also used on undergraduate & post graduate courses on intelligent systems.

The download contains the core package. Plugins for semantic integration, morphological processing and to aid early fusion for multimodal dialog may be provided on request.

packages & downloads other notes

Lkit runs on a Lisp environment. To run the package you must install Lisp (freely available from Franz and others) and load the matcher package (available from this site). For some features you will also need to load utils.lsp (also available from this site).

To use Lkit, download & the zip archive then edit the loader file "lkit-loader.lsp" so the path name is correct for your filespace. Lkit is then run by loading "lkit-loader.lsp"