This set of pages provide resources for Simon's Java students.

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Advanced Java Programming


course information


lecture series

This course is in 3 parts...
  1. concurrency

    we focus on managing simple animated graphics to explore threading issues

  2. agents

    we use Boris as an agent environment. You can get a copy of the Boris platform for Java from the Boris downloads section. You will also find some user guides and video demos under Boris downloads. Check also the agents lecture series - there may be some other useful material there.

  3. middleware

    using the paper describing the implementation of Boris as an example, we use lectures to work through the steps needed to build distributed middleware with messaging passing capability


additional material


Object Oriented Java

  1. brief overview of the course

  2. first set of demo programs

  3. practical work

  4. summary notes

  5. other


a few notes from a 2010 workshop

  1. introduction
    task #1

  2. first GUI - two buttons

  3. beginnings of a phone book the main GUI class the main GUI class


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