Disease Models

Our disease modelling is part of an on-going research project. We will develop this page over time but meanwhile, if you would like further information, please contact borismolecule@gmail.com

The model presented here is a single disease model which spreads on contact. If you are involved with investigation into more complex scenarios we may be able to help you out with other disease models we have already built or construct new models to fit your needs.

Our models are developed in NetLogo, a freely available software environment. For more information about NetLogo and download links please check our other NetLogo pages.

Get a generic software model here.

This model considers...

  • contagion probability
  • incubation period
  • sickness period
  • post-exposure immunity
  • infectious period
  • population sizes
  • population mobility
  • normal birth rates

Our more complex models can also take account of the following...

  • drug administration
  • drug efficacy
  • drug resistance
  • inoculation / prophylaxis
  • mutation of virus / pathogen
  • transmission rates
  • other types of transmission
    -air, water, animal vectors...
  • other per-capita death rates
  • multiple disease interactions
  • disease "carriers"
  • risk groups
  • gene types offering
    immunity or tolerance