Running the simple chat room

  1. ensure that boris.jar is included in the classpath for javac and java
  2. compile the Chat Room Server
  3. use the Boris IDE to start a router (get it advertising, create a portal)
  4. load the server with the Boris IDE (the default name for a chat room is "room1", if you want to specify a different room name put "name=name" in the command line
  5. load a chat room client (using the same room name)


other notes

the ChatServer builds 2 agents...

  1. named +"manager" (room1manager by default) to handle joining leaving the chatroom. Clients should send the message "join" to the management agent to join a chatroom and "leave" to leave it
  2. named after the room (room1 by default) to handle messaging, chat-room members should send messages to this agent to have them forwarded to other chat room members