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First International Symposium on Unifying Theories of Programming

5(evening), 6 and 7 February 2006

Walworth Castle, County Durham

**NEW DATE** Submission Deadline: 12 September 2005 **NEW DATE**


Invited Speakers

Ian Hayes University of Queensland
He Jifeng United Nations University IIST
Eric Hehner University of Toronto
Tony Hoare Microsoft Research
Jeff Sanders Oxford University
Jim Woodcock   University of York


A number of formal notations and theories have now emerged and proved themselves effective as tools for the practising software engineer. Within these theories we see a number of common themes, such as abstraction, refinement, choice, termination, feasibility, concurrency and communication. The commonality of such themes opens perspectives for unifying theories, an activity which can increase our ability to use existing methods and notations, to recognise their limitations, and to extend and generalise them. Based on the pioneering work on unifying theories of programming of Tony Hoare and He Jifeng, which itself acknowledges the influence of Eric Hehner's seminal ideas on predicative programming, the aims of this Symposium are to reaffirm the significance of the ongoing UTP project, to encourage efforts to advance it by providing a focus for the sharing of results by those already actively contributing, and to raise awareness of the benefits of such unifying theoretical frameworks among the wider computer science and software engineering communities.

To this end the Symposium welcomes contributions on the above themes as well as others which can be related to them. Such additional themes include, but are not limited to, healthiness conditions, normal forms, linkage of theories, algebraic descriptions, incorporation of probabilistic programming, timed calculii and object-based descriptions. Papers may be up to 20 pages in length and should be prepared using LaTeX in LNCS format (see, and submitted as pdf files no later than 12 September 2005. Submissions should be made via the Submissions page of the symposium website, which will be open to receive them from 5 September 2005.

Programme Committee

Bernhard Aichernig UNU-IIST Macau
Didier Bert LSR-IMAG Grenoble
Jonathan Bowen London South Bank
Andrew Butterfield Trinity College Dublin
Ana Cavalcanti York
Yifeng Chen Durham
Steve Dunne (Chair)   Teesside
Colin Fidge QUT Brisbane
Andy Galloway York
Lindsay Groves Wellington
Martin Henson Essex
Zhiming Liu UNU-IIST Macau
David Naumann Stevens IoT, New Jersey
Richard Paige York
Bill Stoddart Teesside



Walworth Castle, dating from the 12th C, is four miles outside Darlington (2h30min by train from London) and ten miles from Durham Tees Valley Airport (formerly Teesside airport) which has daily flight connections to London, Amsterdam and Paris.


It has been agreed in principle by Formal Aspects of Computing that a special issue of that journal will feature extended versions of selected papers from the symposium.

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